November 19th ,2017  1 pm  Innerkip Community Centre.

Notices of Motion passed at the AGM 2017:

  1. Article V Pg 7 (a) Delete “These ,with the President , shall form the executive committee. The President, subject to the approval of the O.R.S.A shall appoint”

Next sentence will read “Up to nine members from leagues or centres in good    standing shall serve as executive committee members and whose duty it shall be to attend all regular meetings of the association“…….PASSED

2. Article V1 Pg 9 (a) add “The executive have the right to change the structure of the board “ PASSED

3. Pg 17 and Pg 21 Age change Midget U19 and Junior U 23   PASSED

4. Rule 1 (b)  Pg 24 Add “if a player is absent for medical reasons that their name can be added to the roster sheet after the deadline as long as they can provide a doctors note of confirmation.”   PASSSED

5. Rule III (n) Pg 28 2nd paragraph delete “Junior Age”    PASSED

6.Rule 1V Pg 28  add “The 2018 playdowns in the Atom Boys  and Atom Girls divisions be tournament format’.

7. Rule 1V Pg 28 and 29  That the ORSA be given permission to have Round Robin series in any Division and Classification if deemed feasible at the ORSA discretion.  PASSED

8. Rule 1V Pg 28 and 29  Any Division -the ORSA to have the right to decide whether it be a Tournament or a 2 out 0f 3 series. if no host found then a 2 out of 3 series.  PASSED